24 Beautiful Living Rooms

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In any home, the living room is the gathering place. After a long day for both you and your children, it’s where you unwind. Perhaps there’s a television for watching your favorite shows, or maybe you’ve simply got a nice fireplace to provide the ambiance while you dive into your favorite book. On special occasions, the living room is where you get together with friends and relations, reminiscing and enjoying the pleasure of one another’s company.

Because the living room is so vital to your home and the atmosphere it creates, it should be a space that’s both charming and beautiful. That’s why we’ve decided to collect these 24 examples of absolutely beautiful living rooms. We understand that interior design isn’t everyone’s forte. However, when you have a chance to look at what world-class interior designers do with living room spaces, you can get some ideas for how you can create the beautiful living room that your home, family and friends deserve.

So, come check out these absolutely amazing examples. If you’re lucky, you might find a design that you can copy wholesale. Otherwise, we’re sure that you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this absolutely gorgeous living room spaces.

1. Getting Cozy

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The arrangement of the furniture in this living room, which draws the eye towards the fireplace, makes this massive space feel cozy.

2. Color Coordination

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By using brown furniture pieces with colorful accents, this living room arrangement really pulls the beauty out of its wood ceiling.

3. Geometry

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A living room doesn’t need to be ornate to be beautiful. When going for a minimal design, pay close attention to creating visual interest with geometric shapes.

4. Knowing Your Audience

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If you’re blessed to have a living room that offers a view like this, you’ll want to make design decisions that don’t distract from that view!

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