24 Beautiful Ideas for Master Bathroom Windows

24 Beautiful Ideas for Master Bathroom Windows-title

There’s so much that goes into designing a beautiful, relaxing and functional master bathroom. Naturally, you’re going to think about the materials and colors that go into the space. You’ll also be thinking about the layout. Should the tub go here or there? Should we include a double vanity or will a single vanity suffice? And what about the toilet… Where are we going to put that!?!

These are all important considerations; that’s for sure. However, there’s one thing that people will often overlook when designing a beautiful master bathroom, and that’s the windows!

Of course, you want to have privacy in your master bathroom, which is why folks often fail to think about how to include windows. However, if windows are included into the design smartly, then your privacy can be ensured, all while allowing the bathroom space you create to literally bathe in natural light!

Master bathroom windows are important, and we’re going to show you why. On the list that follows, you’re going to see 24 beautiful ideas for master bathroom windows. By the end, we think you’ll understand why windows are an important part of your master bathroom design, as well as how you might be able to incorporate one or several into your own.

1. Squared Contemporary

24 Beautiful Ideas for Master Bathroom Windows-1

The beautiful drop-in tub of this contemporary master bathroom is framed by tub-to-ceiling windows, which must certainly be relaxing to look out of while soaking.

2. More Privacy

24 Beautiful Ideas for Master Bathroom Windows-2

The small windows in the corner above the tub in this master bathroom allow for a little natural light to enter the space while maintaining privacy.

3. White Square

24 Beautiful Ideas for Master Bathroom Windows-3

The white, large square windows above the tub are the perfect complement to this master bathroom’s classic design.

4. Drawing the Eye

24 Beautiful Ideas for Master Bathroom Windows-4

The one simple window at the end of this long master bathroom draws the eye into the space and accentuates its sound design.