24 Backyard Fire Pits Perfect for Summer

24 Backyard Fire Pits Perfect for Summer-title

When it comes to home design, most homeowners are thinking about what’s on the inside. However, it’s important that homeowners also consider what’s on the outside of the home… And we’re not just talking about making your home’s exterior as beautiful as it can be; we’re talking about making the most out of your outdoor living spaces.

Nothing can make a home feel larger quite like outdoor living spaces that are well-conceived, beautified and functional. And when it comes to making an outdoor living space that’s something that the whole family (and even your friends and family) can enjoy, nothing is better than a fire pit.

That’s likely the reason that you’ve been dreaming of installing a fire pit in your backyard. You understand just how wonderful nights by a roaring fire and underneath the stars could be… Well, have we got a treat for you!

Below, we’ve collected 24 examples of backyard fire pits that are perfect for summer. You’re going to see an incredible diversity in design, location and execution. Each of these fire pits is different, and any one might provide all the inspiration you need for installing a fire pit in your backyard that’s perfect for summer, as well as all the other seasons you’re willing to set food outdoors!

1. At the Edge

24 Backyard Fire Pits Perfect for Summer-1

The octagonal stone fire pit at the edge of this large stone patio is the perfect place for relaxing and watching the wind blow through the trees.

2. In the Table

24 Backyard Fire Pits Perfect for Summer-2

If space is limited in your backyard, then you can combine your fire pit with a table, thus creating the perfect place to gather with friends or family when the sun goes down.

3. Warming Up

24 Backyard Fire Pits Perfect for Summer-3

The small round fire pit between the patio and the pool provides the perfect space to warm up after taking a dip.

4. Freestanding

24 Backyard Fire Pits Perfect for Summer-4

The hammered copper fire pit in this backyard is delightfully simple and can be moved around should the outdoor living space be rearranged.