23 Stunning Tile Shower Designs

19. Cool Look

23 Stunning Tile Shower Designs-19

The dark and light blue tiles used in this wonderful shower create a cool vibe that’s totally relaxing.

20. Black And White

23 Stunning Tile Shower Designs-20

The black and white color scheme used for the tiles in this shower is truly arresting thanks to smart patterns.

21. Accent Stripe

23 Stunning Tile Shower Designs-21

You have to love the white tile stipe that’s used to accent the beautiful grey tile of this shower.

22. Complete Package

23 Stunning Tile Shower Designs-22

One reason to go with a tile shower in your bathroom is to create a bathroom that looks like the complete package.

23. Light ‘Em Up

23 Stunning Tile Shower Designs-23

Tile showers are absolutely beautiful, especially when you do interesting thing with color and patterns. Be sure the shower’s well lit, though, so people can see it and enjoy it!

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