23 Stunning Tile Shower Designs

9. Reflective Tile

23 Stunning Tile Shower Designs-9

The grey, reflective tile used in this beautiful shower creates a traditional and luxurious vibe for the space.

10. Continuing

23 Stunning Tile Shower Designs-10

When tying together a tile shower with a bathroom, you can continue the tile pattern as a backsplash over the vanity.

11. Reflecting Patterns

Small Bathroom Tile Ideas Corner Shower Bath

Just the same, you can reflect the pattern of the flooring in the tiling of the shower. Be sure to vary it a bit, though.

12. Embossed

23 Stunning Tile Shower Designs-12

Tiles that have an embossed pattern can really create a stunning look for your shower.

13. Traditional Love

23 Stunning Tile Shower Designs-13

If you’re going for the “stone” look, then consider using white tiles. This can really create a wonderful, traditional and cheerful vibe for the shower.

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