23 Stunning Living Rooms with Crown Molding

23 Stunning Living Rooms with Crown Molding-title

When you’re designing a luxurious and comfortable living room, there are a lot of design elements that are going to require your attention. Of course, you’re going to be spending a lot of time choosing the right furniture, picking the right fabrics and colors, and arranging the space in a cozy and comfortable manner. But, there are smaller things that require your attention. For example, should you include crown molding as part of the design?

While crown molding won’t necessarily be appropriate for every living room style, it can work for most. In fact, including crown molding as a part of your living room’s design is a surefire way of making the space appear more luxurious. Crown molding can also work exceptionally well for living rooms with high ceilings, as it helps to add some dimension and definition to the vertical space.

If you think that crown molding is something that could benefit your living room’s design, then we’d like to encourage you to take a look at these 23 stunning examples. You’ll see a number of things that are possible with crown molding, and how it can be used to great effect for most living room designs.

1. Vaulted Definition

23 Stunning Living Rooms with Crown Molding-1

The crown molding around the top of this living room helps to fill up the vertical space created by the vaulted ceiling.

2. Refined

23 Stunning Living Rooms with Crown Molding-2

When you’re trying to create a classy and refined look for your living room, crown molding is a virtual must.

3. Columns

23 Stunning Living Rooms with Crown Molding-3

By combining the crown molding with columns, this stunning living room manages to achieve a quite regal look.

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