23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms

19. Open Shower

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-19

The open shower of this master bathroom is decidedly spa like. But the tub at the center of the room is the focal point.

20. Let the Sun Shine In

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-20

If you get a lot of natural light in your master bathroom, make the most of it. It’s perfect for creating that relaxing spa-like vibe you’re after.

21. Flooring

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-21

If you want to add some excitement to the design of a spa-like master bathroom, we recommend going with bold hardwood floors.

22. Pure White

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-22

When you want that classic feel with the spa-like amenities, you can’t go wrong with an all-white master bathroom design.

23. Your Style

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-23

Think of your own master bathroom as your spa at home. As such, make sure that the elements that you include in it reflect your style. It’s you who will be relaxing there after all!