23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms

14. Bright

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-14

The combination of blue subway tiles with white walls and wood features allows this spa-like bathroom to achieve a level of brightness that’s infectious.

15. Modern Flair

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-15

When you want to give your master bathroom the feel of a contemporary spa, you can’t go wrong with mosaic tile work.

16. An Oasis

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-16

The tub is naturally going to be the most important element in your spa-like master bathroom, so be sure you create a beautiful space around it.

17. Classic Love

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-17

Those wonderfully cheerful master bathroom manages to combine spa-like elements with classic bathroom touches.

18. Full System

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-18

Given that you’re trying to create a relaxing vibe, you’ll want to pay attention to matching colors between design elements and things like towels and ottomans.