23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms

9. To The Outside

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-9

If the structure and location of your home allows for it, perhaps you should consider including a door to the outside in your master bathroom?

10. Walk-In Wonder

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-10

When you’re trying to create that spa atmosphere in your master bathroom, you can never go too big with your walk-in shower.

11. All-In-One

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-11

In fact, for the ultimate luxury spa experience in your master bathroom, consider building the shower and tub into the same space. It’s so functional and so cool.

12. Center of Attention

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-12

The large circular tub that’s at the center of this beautiful master bathroom is complemented by a wonderful domed ceiling.

13. Simplicity

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-13

With a spa-like master bathroom, you should remember that less is more. A busy bathroom design won’t be very relaxing.