23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms

4. Light a Candle

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-4

If you want to create a spa-like atmosphere for your master bathroom, be sure to create plenty of spaces for candles to go.

5. Décor

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-5

Another element that will be important in creating that spa-like vibe is the décor. What kind of space are you trying to create?

6. Tuscan Style

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-6

One simply has to appreciate the level of detail that’s been included in this Tuscan style spa master bathroom with copper tub.

7. Symmetrical Love

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-7

Here, you have a master bathroom with spa-like qualities that’s been designed in a mirrored, symmetrical way. It’s so peaceful.

8. Wood and Stone

23 Spa Style Master Bathrooms-8

Directly opposing pieces and design elements that have been made from wood and stone is great for a spa-like master bathroom.