23 Master Bathrooms With Two Vanities

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Getting the master bathroom in your home right can really transform your morning and nightly bathroom-related experiences. To get your bathroom right, though, you’ve got to have the right design. And, to have the right design, you have to consider the ways in which you and your significant other use the master bathroom.

Often, you’ll find couple complaining about not having a “space of their own” within the master bath. For this reason, you’ll often see people install massive built-in vanities. While this can work for some, there’s actually a more elegant solution that’s worthy of your consideration. We’re talking here, of course, about having two separate vanities.

The benefits of this setup are obvious. When there are two separate vanities, you don’t have to worry about one another’s messes. However, this isn’t the only benefit. As you’ll see in the 23 examples that follow, having two vanities within your master bathroom can actually increase the floor space available to you, allowing you to install things like massive tubs and beautiful walk-in showers.

If this sounds like a solution that could work for your master bathroom, then come take a look at these amazing 23 master bathrooms that feature two vanities. We’re sure you’ll find all the design inspiration you need right here!

1. Separate Areas

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Typically the two vanities in a master bathroom will be placed next to each other; however completely separate spaces can be created by doing something like you see here.

2. Tub Zone

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This master bathroom makes an elegant choice by separating the two vanities with a drop-in tub.

3. Similar Choice

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Here you see the same design premise at play, however the tub has been aligned differently in order to preserve available floor space.