23 Marble Master Bathroom Designs

19. Different Elevations

23 Marble Master Bathroom Designs-19

The thing to notice in this master bathroom featuring marble is the two elevations of the vanities counters, which provides a small seating area that’s so functional.

20. Arches

23 Marble Master Bathroom Designs-20

Given the classical significance of marble, it’s always wise to include arching features in a master bathroom design that’s featuring the material.

21. Marble Tile

23 Marble Master Bathroom Designs-21

If you want to use marble, but don’t want to spend for large slabs, you can always include marble tiles, which have been used here for the backsplash and shower.

22. A Richness

23 Marble Master Bathroom Designs-22

Dark marble can lend a certain richness to a space. Look at how visually exciting this stunning master bathroom is!

23. The Brightness

23 Marble Master Bathroom Designs-23

White marble, white marble, and more white marble. When you want a bright and luxurious master bathroom, is there really any other choice when it comes to materials?