23 Marble Master Bathroom Designs

4. Shower Time

23 Marble Master Bathroom Designs-4

Marble tiles can be used to exceptional effect when creating a walk-in shower for your master bathroom. Check out how well they look with the dark hardwood floors here.

5. Floor to Counter

23 Marble Master Bathroom Designs-5

If you’re using marble in your master bathroom, one way to bring harmony is to use the material for both your floors and your countertops.

6. That Vanity

23 Marble Master Bathroom Designs-6

There’s no denying that the vanity in this beautiful master bathroom is a real stunner. Wouldn’t you like one just like it?

7. Dark Marble / Dark Wood

23 Marble Master Bathroom Designs-7

For a luxurious and somewhat masculine vibe in your master bathroom, you can combine dark wood features with dark marble.

8. Contemporary Simplicity

23 Marble Master Bathroom Designs-8

When you’re going for a minimal and contemporary vibe, don’t forget that the visual appeal of marble can add spark to even the simplest of lines and shapes.