23 Laundry Room Design Ideas

19. Contemporary

23 Laundry Room Design Ideas-19

If you’re a fan of contemporary and modern designs, you’ll find it hard not to appreciate this sleek and clean laundry room.

20. Simple and Bright

23 Laundry Room Design Ideas-20

You may not enjoy doing the laundry, but you’ll never be bummed out when you’re in a cheerful room like this.

21. Hang ‘Em High

23 Laundry Room Design Ideas-21

The space for hanging clothes above the dryer in this laundry room design is a highly functional feature.

22. Hiding

23 Laundry Room Design Ideas-22

Here’s another example of how you can hide a laundry room in plain sight within the regular living spaces of your home.

23. It’s Up To You!

23 Laundry Room Design Ideas-23

Only you know how you and your family do laundry. When designing your new laundry room, keep those needs in mind and create a space that addresses them. You’ll thank yourself later.