23 Laundry Room Design Ideas

9. Organization

23 Laundry Room Design Ideas-9

Those of you out there who like to stay organized with everything you do will find a lot to love in this laundry room design.

10. Open

23 Laundry Room Design Ideas-10

This large and open laundry room design provides plenty of storage space, both for clothing and for other belongings.

11. Green

Laundry room at the HGTV Smart Home 2013 located in Jacksonville, FL

In order to maintain a cheery vibe, this laundry room design makes excellent use of dark green and blue.

12. Country

23 Laundry Room Design Ideas-12

If your home has a rustic or country style to it, then perhaps you’d like to have a laundry room like this one?

13. Closet

23 Laundry Room Design Ideas-13

With smart storage solutions and low-profile appliances, a small closet like this can be turned into the ultimate laundry room.