23 Eco-Friendly Home Products

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Let’s face facts here. Regardless of your opinions on the environment, global warming, and things of that nature, energy just keeps on getting more and more expensive. Think back to the last time you paid your gas bill, and then think back to what that thing cost only a few short years ago. How about your energy bill? We bet that you’re paying way more right now than you ever have at any point in the past.

We say this to point out that eco-friendly products are something that should be on every homeowner’s (or homebuyer’s) radar, regardless of whether you’re “concerned about the environment” or not. Eco-friendly home products can help you to save oodles of money on your bills, especially when you start calculating out to a few years down the line.

To give you an idea of some of the great products that are out there, we’ve collected this list of 23 eco-friendly home products you can get your hands on today. Depending upon where you live and the climate there, some of these may or may not work. However, there’s certain to be at least a few things on this list that can help you to save some hard-earned cash and help the environment in the process.

1. Solar Panels

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With the tax incentives available to homeowners that install solar panels, now might be the time to look into them! Also, think of how you’ll save on your energy bills…

2. Solar Water Heater

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Speaking of saving on those bills, why not look into a solar-powered water heater, particularly if you’re living in a sunny location!

3. Green Roof

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Yep, you read that right. Some folks are having grass installed on their roofs… And here’s the thing: it works! It’s great at dealing with rain water, and it’s totally awesome for the environment.