23 Cozy Living Room Designs

19. Filling Space

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-19

If you have a massive living room space with high ceilings, you’ll need to deal with the vertical area in order to create the cozy vibe you’re after.

20. Red and Orange

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-20

The color scheme used by this living room design is perfect for capturing that warm glow that screams coziness.

21. Let There Be Art

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-21

Large and beautiful pieces of art on the walls can really create a sense of intimacy within a living room design.

22. Contemporary Love

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-22

The simple design of this living room proves that adopting a contemporary aesthetic doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice coziness.

23. Comfort Is Key

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-23

Coziness is in the eye of the beholder, really. So, when trying to create that feel for your living room, include the elements (visual and functional) that make you feel comfortable.

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