23 Cozy Living Room Designs

14. Open-Concept Intimacy

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-14

Here’s another example of how you can arrange furniture in order to create a sense of intimacy within an open-concept living room space.

15. Hanging Lights

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-15

With wood beams overhead and hanging beautiful light fixtures, this living room design gets “cozy” right.

16. Consistency

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-16

Generally speaking, a cozy living room design is one that should have a consistent and simple color scheme.

17. Country Living

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-17

Fans of the country aesthetic will find a lot to love in the design of this exceptionally comfortable living room.

18. The Rug

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-18

Another element you can include to increase the coziness factor of your living room design is a Persian rug.

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