23 Cozy Living Room Designs

9. Wood and Red

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-9

A color scheme that works well for creating a cozy, country vibe in a living room is red and natural wood.

10. Door Division

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-10

If your living room is right next to the entranceway to your home, you can use a sectional couch to create some separation.

11. Furry

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-11

Another thing that can improve the coziness of a living room design is a big, furry area rug like the on used here.

12. Come On In

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-12

Arranging your furniture in this manner creates an inviting look for your living room design, further increasing the sense of coziness.

13. Put Your Feet Up

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-13

When you want to have a cozy and comfortable living room, you’ll want to provide plenty of places for people to put their feet up.

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