23 Cozy Living Room Designs

4. Darkness

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-4

While a cozy living room can be bright, to really create an intimate feel, you’ll want to use a darker color palate, adding vibrancy with interesting patterns.

5. Setting The Mood

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-5

Recessed and track lighting can be used to great effect when trying to “set the mood” in a cozy living room design.

6. Face / Off

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-6

In a larger space, you can create that feeling coziness by arranging two couches across from one another like you see here.

7. Fire!

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-7

When your living room has a fireplace, and you’re trying to create that cozy feel, then the fireplace needs to be the center of attention.

8. Lounging

23 Cozy Living Room Designs-8

Another way to create that cozy vibe your after is to choose generously sized furniture pieces that are perfect for lounging.

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