23 Cozy Living Room Designs

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You know, interior designers can sometimes get way too far ahead of themselves. Sure, they can make a living room look amazing, like something you’d see in a magazine, but are their designs functional in the right way? While you want a living room that’s aesthetically pleasing, a living room is ultimately about living. It needs to be a space where you’re comfortable and cozy, a place where the only thing you want to do is curl up on the couch and read that book you’ve been enjoying so much.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to collect 23 stunning examples of cozy living room designs. As you’ll see, its possible to split the difference between a living room that offers the creature comforts you want, while at the same time looking like something that’s got class to give. You’ll also see how it’s possible to make a contemporary living room, which would normally seem cold and austere, every bit as comfortable as something with a more classic or even rustic vibe.

So, if you think your living room could be more comfortable than it is, or if you’re a little unsure about those pretty (but maybe not comfortable) furniture pieces you’ve been looking at, then come take a look. We’re going to show you how any living room can be made super cozy!

1. Enclosed

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A large and light colored wicker sectional couch is used to enclose this living room space, lending a warm and cozy vibe.

2. Closing In

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When you want that cozy vibe for your living room, be sure to draw the furniture pieces close together in order to raise the level of intimacy.

3. To The Corner

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To create coziness for your living room in an open concept space, consider arranging the furniture around a corner of the space.

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