23 Charming and Colorful Bathroom Designs

23 Charming and Colorful Bathroom Designs-title

While the bathrooms may not be at the top of your list of rooms that need an upgrade in your home, we’re sure you’re going to get around to them eventually. Most people will suffer with bathrooms that simply aren’t up to snuff for too long, ones that are simply unattractive and that don’t have the level of functionality they should. That’s why your bathrooms should be at or near the top of your list, and why you should strongly consider going bright and colorful when you do redesign them.

Think about it. You want your bathroom to be an oasis within your home, a place where you can wake up every morning, collect yourself, and set about the task of reconciling yourself to the day ahead. A bathroom that’s bright and colorful will give you a cheerful place to do this every morning, setting you off for the day in the best mood possible.

So, start thinking about your bathrooms, and come check out these 23 awesome examples of ones that feature charming and colorful designs. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration here, and maybe – just maybe – your next bathroom design will be inspired by one or several of the designs you’ll find here.

1. Antiqued

23 Charming and Colorful Bathroom Designs-1

This wonderful bathroom design combines yellow and black together to beautiful effect along with antique touches.

2. Eclectic

23 Charming and Colorful Bathroom Designs-2

With the red backsplash behind the sink and the unique pattern behind the toilet, this charming bathroom design as an eclectic appeal.

3. Look Up!

23 Charming and Colorful Bathroom Designs-3

Though white throughout, this bathroom adds a charming splash of color with its brilliantly blue ceiling.

4. Green With Envy

23 Charming and Colorful Bathroom Designs-4

While white and blue are popular colors for bathrooms, there are plenty of reasons you should consider green.