23 Brown Kitchen Designs

19. Brown and Stone

23 Brown Kitchen Designs-19

Hey, brown and stone were meant to go together! So, why wouldn’t you use the two together in your kitchen design!

20. Top of the Room!

23 Brown Kitchen Designs-20

You’ve got to love the orange, coopery color that’s been used on the ceiling of this exceptionally designed brown kitchen.

21. Grand!

23 Brown Kitchen Designs-21

Those who want a bold entrance into their open-concept brown kitchen could take a page out of this design’s playbook.

22. Greeny

23 Brown Kitchen Designs-22

When you want a more natural feel for a brown kitchen, consider mixing in a significant amount of green features.

23. A Solid Choice

23 Brown Kitchen Designs-23

The simple fact is this when it comes to kitchens: you can almost never go wrong with a brown color scheme.