23 Brown Kitchen Designs

4. Nice and Clean

23 Brown Kitchen Designs-4

Although relatively unadorned, you can’t deny the soothing appeal of this brown kitchen with tile floors.

5. Floors For Days

23 Brown Kitchen Designs-5

The beautiful rich wood of the hardwood floors in this brown kitchen design is perfectly offset by the lighter wood cabinetry.

6. Framing

23 Brown Kitchen Designs-6

The stone work in this beautiful brown kitchen is nothing short of amazing, perfectly framing the cabinetry and cooking surfaces.

7. Backsplash

23 Brown Kitchen Designs-7

With a brown kitchen design, you have the opportunity to add some spark with your backsplash. We love the grey tile that’s been used here.

8. Beige Backdrop

23 Brown Kitchen Designs-8

A brown kitchen design can also work wonderfully if you offset with beige features, as this example does with its backsplash.