23 Brown Kitchen Designs

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Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the kinds of colors people will choose for their kitchens. Sure, we’re in the 21st century and contemporary designs are more popular than ever, but it seems like everyone has forgotten the classics! While in the right home and environment a bold color like purple could work well for a kitchen, more often then not it’s a choice that’s going to be gaudy and overpowering.

That’s why we always recommend that people start with the color brown when choosing a scheme for their kitchens. Without a doubt, it’s the classic color choice for such environments, and it has endured for so long for a reason. Now, when you think of a brown kitchen, you may think of something that’s a little ordinary and maybe a little boring. But, we’re going to show you that brown can actually be elegant and exciting, especially if you make the right choices with your complementary colors.

So, come check out these 23 amazing brown kitchen designs that we’ve collected. You’ll see for yourself just why this color scheme has endured for so long, and you just might get some design inspiration for a kitchen remodeling project of your own!

1. Brown Stone

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When you want that beautiful rustic look for your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with beautiful brown stone and unfinished wood.

2. Brightness

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Using brown cabinetry and walls along with dark granite countertops, this kitchen design achieves brightness through its light fixtures.

3. Two Tones

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If you’re concerned about adding a sense of dimension to a larger kitchen space, combining brown cabinets with white surfaces can work well!

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