23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs

19. Cushions

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-19

When it comes to establishing the style of a stone backyard fire pit, your choice of cushions can go a long way.

20. On the Mantle

If you want to sit around this charming and rustic backyard fire pit, you can even choose to sit right on the mantle. How toasty is that?

21. Swingin’ Good Time

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-21

Who wouldn’t love to sit on one of those swinging benches while this backyard fire pit is roaring away?

22. Pointing the Way

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-22

The triangular design of this contemporary backyard fire pit lets you know where you should be looking while you sit around it.

23. Your Design

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-23

There are all kinds of things you can do with backyard fire pits, so look into designs that you love and make yours everything you want it to be.