23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs

14. A Wooden Barrel

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-14

You’ve got to love the unique design of this backyard fire pit that greatly resembles a wooden barrel.

15. Between Two Levels

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-15

This totally cool backyard fire pit, which is located on the patio, stands between two levels.

16. An Old Stump

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-16

The way that this backyard fire pit is built into an old tree stump is totally unique and totally cool!

17. Simplicity and Beauty

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-17

The circular area covered in gravel that contains the backyard fire pit for this home is wonderfully simple, ensuring the beauty of the surroundings can shine.

18. Table and Pit

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-18

This backyard fire pit is wonderfully functional, as it can double as a table when the fire’s not roaring.