23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs

9. Be Comfortable

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-9

If you’ve got the budget, then there’s no reason not to make your backyard fire pit as comfortable as it possibly can be.

10. Blending In

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-10

The natural stone that was used to build this circular backyard fire pit area allows the outdoor living space to blend into the natural environment.

11. Like a Fireplace

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-11

Instead of having a fire “pit”, you can also build something like this, which might be more adequately described as an outdoor fireplace.

12. A Different Approach

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-12

The look of this stone backyard fire pit is certainly unique, but you can’t deny that it has a high level of visual appeal.

13. Square and Natural

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-13

This stone backyard fire pit does an excellent job of balancing the more refined look of a contemporary one with the traditional natural look of most.