23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs

4. Overlooking

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-4

On a large property, a fire pit should be placed in an area that allows for a wonderful view to be enjoyed.

5. Modern Flair

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-5

You’ve got to love the modern flair of this fire pit, which is situated on top of a small wooden patio.

6. Beautiful and Functional

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-6

The beautiful design of this backyard fire pit is both visually appealing and functional. Need more wood? Just pull it from underneath the fire pit!

7. Simple Concrete

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-7

People who have an appreciation for contemporary home design will love the clean lines of this beautiful concrete backyard fire pit.

8. Poolside

23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs-8

Want to go swimming after the sun goes down? Then a fire pit right next to the pool, like you see here, could make perfect sense.