23 Backyard Fire Pit Designs

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Having beautiful and functional outdoor living space (or spaces) for your home is something that will dramatically increase your enjoyment of your home in general. When the weather’s mild, there’s just something that’s pleasant about sitting outside, letting the fresh air wash over you.

Of course, the weather isn’t mild at all times of the year. In fact, sometimes it can get downright cold, even during the night of the summertime months! For this reason, many homeowners choose to include fire pits in their backyards. This ensures that they’ll be able to get much more enjoyment out of their outdoor living spaces, even if the weather isn’t cooperating.

While you could opt for the simplest fire pit possible, wouldn’t you rather have something that contributes to the beauty of your backyard? If so, then you’re going to love this list. On it, we’ve collected 23 examples of beautiful backyard fire pits, each of which features a different style, look and feel.

So, if you think that a fire pit would be the perfect addition to your home, then take a look! You’re sure to find something on this list that you’re going to love!

1. Semi-Circle

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Perfectly incorporated into the luxurious stone patio, the semi-circle design of this fire pit area ensures that everyone has a spot around the flames.

2. Terraced

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Next to the pool, the terraced design of this fire pit area allows for those using and not using the pool to enjoy the fire.

3. Small Spaces

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Even in a small backyard that might not have much green space, it’s possible to include a fire pit, provided you get creative!