23 Amazing Small Swimming Pool Designs

19. Jets23 Amazing Small Swimming Pool Designs-19

With a smaller backyard pool like this one, water jets can be a really great design choice.

20. Sitting

23 Amazing Small Swimming Pool Designs-20

With a small backyard pool like this, having a comfortable sit and enjoy the sun is ideal.

21. Spilling Over

23 Amazing Small Swimming Pool Designs-21

You have to love how this small backyard pool has been designed, with the hot tub spilling over into the pool itself.

22. Doing Laps

Modern Backyard Design Small Backyard Swimming Pool Lounge Enclose Patio

This design perfectly demonstrates how a small lap pool can be incorporated amazingly into the design of your outdoor living space.

23. Elevated

23 Amazing Small Swimming Pool Designs-23

Here, you can see how an elevated seating area can be just the thing to set off the design of your small backyard swimming pool.

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