23 Amazing Ideas For Bathroom Color Schemes

23 Amazing Ideas For Bathroom Color Schemes-title

While the bathrooms in your home may not be the most glamorous spaces given what they’re used for, having the right look in your bathrooms is absolutely essential to proper home design. You want bathrooms that are just as eye-catching as they are functional, as this can make your home the relaxing and enjoyable place that you want it to be, both for yourself and family, as well as for your guests.

When it comes to color schemes, the needs of your bathroom are different than they are in other living spaces within your home. Some of this is dependent upon what the eye’s expectations are for a bathroom space, and some of this is dependent upon what your own personal style and goals are.

If you want a master bathroom, say, that has a spa-like atmosphere, then there are different color schemes that will work well for this. Just the same, there are a variety of color schemes that are perfect for places like powder rooms and guest bathrooms, ones that will leave a great impression on all who lay eyes on them.

Below, we’ve collected 23 examples of bathroom color schemes that are all eye-catching and all different. If you’re thinking that it’s time for your bathrooms to receive a makeover, then you’ll definitely want to see these!

1. Grey Blue

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The all white bathroom certainly has a classic look to it. Consider evening it out by including grey-blue notes, as this bathroom does with its subway tile above the vanity.

2. Lemony

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When you’re dealing with a bathroom that gets a limited amount of natural light, you may consider going with a lemony yellow. The brightness this color adds is unmistakable.

3. Black and White

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With ample white and marble in a bathroom design, you may consider going dark with your flooring. This design uses dark glazed ceramic floor tiles to great effect.