23 Amazing Home Entrance Designs

20. Cool Stuff

23 Amazing Home Entrance Designs-20

The stones of this walkway mirror the jangly tree that forms the center of this home’s front. Also, check out the design of the canopy over the front door.

21. Screened In

23 Amazing Home Entrance Designs-21

In locations where the climate is warmer (and where bugs are an issue) an attractive screen-in entrance like this can work well.

22. Mossy Green

23 Amazing Home Entrance Designs-22

The mossy green color that’s been used to frame the door of this entrance complements the wood stain perfectly.

23. Amazing

23 Amazing Home Entrance Designs-23

There’s so much that can be done with your home’s entrance design. Use your imagination and find something that complements your style and that of your home’s.

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