23 Amazing Built In Kitchen Nooks

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When designed properly, a kitchen can become the very beating heart of a family home. Such a design requires that a kitchen become a place where the family can gather, either to keep one another company while cooking or simply to share a quick bite from the refrigerator before heading out for the day. One thing that can turn any kitchen into a wonderful place where this sort of thing is possible is a kitchen nook.

Typically a kitchen nook will be just that: a nook. However there are other ways to incorporate the nook concept into a kitchen that doesn’t have an alcove that can be used for a table and benches. Below, we’ve collected 23 amazing examples of kitchens with built-in nooks. Some of these examples hew closely to the standard design, where as others do things that are quite innovative. If you’ve been thinking of adding a nook to your own kitchen, but have been unsure how to do so, then you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration here.

So, come take a look at these absolutely awesome kitchen nooks! We think you’re going to be impressed by what you find, and that you just might be able to find a design that you can copy for your own home.

1. Charm

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With skylights overhead and gorgeous blue surrounding, this kitchen nook is nothing short of charming.

2. Extending

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Check out how the breakfast nook in this beautiful rustic kitchen is actually an extension of the cabinetry.

3. Entertaining

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Note the placement of this kitchen nook, which provides guests with a wonderful place to sit while dinner is cooking.