22 Stunning Kitchens With Tile Floors

22 Stunning Kitchens With Tile Floors-title

These days, it seems like everyone is all, “Hardwoods, hardwoods, hardwoods, and more hardwoods!” In fact, homeowners are going with hardwood floors for their kitchens more than ever before. While we won’t argue that hardwood floors are beautiful, we have to say that they’re really not the best option for kitchen floors.

Instead, we put our support fully behind tile for a number of different reasons. For one, tile is much more durable than hardwoods, something that can make a huge difference in a heavily trafficked area like a kitchen. In addition, tile is far easier to keep clean. Finally, tile flooring gives you a much wider array of options when it comes to determining the look and feel of your kitchen space overall.

Below, you’ll find 22 stunning kitchens that feature beautiful tile floors. As you’ll see, tile can work for virtually any kind of kitchen style you may be considering, from rustic to contemporary. What’s more, you’ll see how tile can really create a distinctive look, something that can bring out the charm of other elements of your kitchen’s design. So, take a look, and see why tile floors are the number one option for kitchens.

1. Old World

22 Stunning Kitchens With Tile Floors-1

The old-world charm of this kitchen is completed by the use of brown, red and orange tiles. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

2. Beige

Kitchen in luxury home with marble island

The irregular beige tiles that are used throughout this beautiful kitchen really allow the white cabinets to stand out.

3. Mixing Colors

22 Stunning Kitchens With Tile Floors-3

Note how the mixture of darker and lighter tiles in this kitchen ties together the cabinets and countertops with the dark wood center island.