22 Masculine Bathroom Designs

17. Art Deco

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-17

The art deco light fixtures above the sinks are the perfect design choice for this stunning masculine bathroom.

18. Buck the Traditions

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-18

You may think that a toilet is just a toilet, but check out the amazing design of the boxy throne in this masculine bathroom.

19. Stone and Wood

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-19

Combining these two materials together into interesting patterns will ensure a unique look for your masculine bathroom design.

20. Personality

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-20

Don’t be afraid to add personality to your masculine bathroom design! Check out the tiles behind the toilet in this bathroom.

21. Fire

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-21

Well-placed lights add fire to the dark colors of the tile and surfaces in this masculine bathroom.

22. Keep It Simple

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-22

Are you the strong silent type? Then perhaps you’ll enjoy this masculine bathroom design, which is as minimal as it gets.