22 Masculine Bathroom Designs

11. Television

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-11

If it’s truly your own masculine space, there’s absolutely nothing preventing you from putting a television in the bathroom!

12. White

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-12

There’s no doubt that dark colors are integral to making a masculine bathroom manly. However, dark colors don’t need to be the whole palate, as this bathroom design demonstrates.

13. Sink

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-13

Prizing simplicity in design, the elegance of the sink in this masculine bathroom really stands out.

14. Luxury

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-14

There’s a lot to admire in this absolutely luxurious masculine bathroom design. The ottoman at center is an expert touch!

15. Fixture

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-15

Here again we see how an interesting light fixture can keep a masculine bathroom from becoming too dark and drab.

16. Shower Away

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-16

If you’re creating a bathroom solely for your own use, then make sure you have a shower that you can spend time in!