22 Masculine Bathroom Designs

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Let’s face it; most bathrooms that you encounter have a feminine touch to them. It’s understandable. After all, it does often seem like women are the ones who spend the most time in the bathroom! But, men take their grooming seriously, too – especially nowadays. This leaves some men looking for a bathroom that fits their personalities more, as well as a place where they won’t be surrounded by all of those toiletries women use!

But, what makes a bathroom masculine? To be sure, there are a number of different things. For one, you’ll find that a masculine bathroom design tends to privilege dark colors and metal accents. But, that’s hardly the only thing that defines the masculine bathroom. There are plenty of other styles and touches, too! Some are square and contemporary, and others have more of a classic, retro design to them. It all depends upon the man!

So, if you’ve been thinking about a masculine bathroom for yourself – either for your swingin’ bachelor pad or for your home with the misses, then check out these amazing designs we’ve collected. There are 22 of them, and we’re sure that among them you’ll find something that will inspire a masculine bathroom design for where you live.

1. Slate Grey

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-1

It’s all business in this masculine bathroom, which prizes minimalism and slate grey and black colors.

2. Compromise

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-2

If the misses won’t let you go all out, you can opt for a compromise masculine bathroom design like the one you see here.

3. Pedestal Tub

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-3

While a traditional claw-foot tub wouldn’t work in a masculine bathroom, there are updates to that design that will!

4. Light Wood

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-4

The light wood of the under-sink cabinets adds just enough light to this bathroom to keep it from being to dreary and drab.