22 Living Rooms With Earth Tones

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When it comes to designing living spaces, there are generally two kinds of homeowners. There are those that want to be bold, and there are those who want to be subdued. To be sure, there are benefits to using bold, bright colors in your living spaces, but there are just as many to using more subdued tones. It’s for this reason that many homeowners often choose to decorate the hearts of their homes – the living rooms – in earth tones.

Think about it. Your living room is dedicated to the idea of living. If you’ve designed it in such a way as to be “in your face”, then it can be more difficult to truly feel like you’re relaxing in the space. When you use subdued earth tones, your focus can be where it should be: on the people that you share your living room space with.

Of course, using earth tones doesn’t mean being bland. Quite the contrary, when you balance earth tones with other colorful notes, or when you use some of the bolder earth tones out there, you can make a living room design that’s every bit as colorful and bright as the boldest living room design out there. With that in mind, come check out these 22 examples of living rooms with earth tones, and see for yourself what’s possible!

1. Subtle Love

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Brown and yellow hues come together in this beautiful and spacious living room, lending a wonderfully charming vibe.

2. Using Black

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When you’re using earth tones, things can get a little blah. You can use black to lend some dimension to your layout and design.

3. Plants

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If you really want to bring out that earthy vibe, then house plants will be essential for your living room with earth tones.

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