22 Awesome Fence Designs and Ideas

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Fences, of course, serve a largely practical purpose for our homes. They keep outsiders where they belong – out – and they perfectly encapsulate our outdoor living spaces. However, when you put up a fence or fences on your property, you have to face a cold, hard fact. That fence is something you’re going to be looking at every single day.

In some cases, homeowners will go the simple route, but they really shouldn’t. Given that your fences will in many ways contribute to the overall look and design of your outdoor living spaces, they should themselves be well designed. That’s why we’ve put together this list, which highlights 22 absolutely awesome fence designs and ideas.

In some cases, the fences on this list add a bit of “special sauce” to more familiar fence designs. In other cases, they’ve been designed to be works of art themselves, and the results – in these cases – are truly stunning.

So, if you’re looking into fences for your outdoor living spaces, check out these stunning designs and ideas. You’re sure to find plenty of inspiration and may just hit upon something that will work perfectly for your home and outdoor living spaces.

1. Naturally Contemporary

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This cedar fence design is at once natural while at the same time deliciously modern and contemporary.

2. Detailing

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Subtle detailing like you see in this amazing wood fence can really take things to the next level.

3. Wire and Wood

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If you want to complete a fence for a contemporary home, a wood and wire fence can be just the thing you need!

4. Get Wild

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Those who want an awesome and unique fence for their home will find plenty of inspiration here.