21 Totally Cool Home Fence Design Ideas

21 Totally Cool Home Fence Design Ideas-title

There are a number of reasons that you might be thinking about putting up a fence around your home. Maybe it’s for security, or maybe you just want to put something between your family and all of those nosey neighbors. Perhaps you just like the way a fence looks and think that one might add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Whatever the case, if you’re going to install a fence in front of, behind, or even around your home, you want to make sure it looks as good as it can!

That’s why we’ve collected 21 totally cool home fence design ideas for you to look at. As you’ll see, these fences run the gamut in terms of color, materials, and even functionality. Some of them have been designed purely for aesthetic value, and others have been designed to provide much-needed privacy for outdoor living spaces.

So, if you’re thinking that it’s time to put up a fence on your property – or to replace one that’s seen better days – then come take a look. They may just be fences, sure, but we’re sure that, after you see how well designed the ones we’ve collected are, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

1. Metal and Concrete

21 Totally Cool Home Fence Design Ideas-1

The metal and concrete fence in front of this home has tremendous curb appeal.

2. Holes

21 Totally Cool Home Fence Design Ideas-2

With holes along the top of this fence, you’re able to achieve privacy without blocking the outside world entirely.

3. Stone Deco

21 Totally Cool Home Fence Design Ideas-3

Here you have a fence that’s absolutely cool. It combines a simple stone fence with a grand, art-deco style gate.

4. Wood and Lights

21 Totally Cool Home Fence Design Ideas-4

Though unique, you have to appreciate the attractiveness of this wood fence with lights at the junctures.

5. Patterns

21 Totally Cool Home Fence Design Ideas-5

If you choose to go completely custom with your fence design, you can do something incredible like this.