21 Sleek and Modern Metal Kitchen Designs

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Everyone’s a professional chef these days, huh? Or, at least, that’s how it’s beginning to seem. People start watching Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen, and all of a sudden they think they’re the next big stars of the culinary arts!

This trend has led people to make choices with respect to their kitchens that simply weren’t being made a decade or so ago. More often than not, these choices reflect people’s desire to have a more professional kitchen, one that offers all the amenities and ease of a world-class restaurant kitchen. For this reason, more and more homeowners have been turning to metal when they design their kitchens.

In some cases, this means that everything is made of metal, from the cabinets and appliances to the stools and chairs. In other cases, metal elements are incorporated with natural wood elements to strike a delicate balance. Either way, the result is always a kitchen that looks like something that would make a Michelin-starred chef blush.

So, if you’ve been thinking about upping your kitchen game and trying to create an environment suitable for some serious cooking, then check out these 21 sleek and modern metal kitchen designs. You’re sure to love them all!

1. Work Space

21 Sleek and Modern Metal Kitchen Designs-1

The metal of the range and surrounding cabinetry balance nicely against the white cabinetry of the opposite wall, creating a dedicated “working” space.

2. Efficient

21 Sleek and Modern Metal Kitchen Designs-2

Metal can be used to great effect to create a functional and efficient space in even a small area.

3. Island

21 Sleek and Modern Metal Kitchen Designs-3

It doesn’t have to be all metal everything; sometimes you can use metal to create an eye-catching island for your kitchen.

4. Old and New

21 Sleek and Modern Metal Kitchen Designs-4

The classic chandelier in the foreground balances nicely against the ultra-modern and metallic kitchen in the background.