21 Finished Basements For Having Fun

21 Finished Basements For Having Fun-title

So, you’re thinking of finishing your basement, are you? You could, of course, make it an attractive play area for the children. Maybe it could be a bonus room for when guests are staying overnight. And how about that laundry room? Wouldn’t that be the most exciting thing ever? Just think of all of those pristine whites and clean colors!

You’re bored, aren’t you? When you think of finishing your basement, you start thinking about turning it into a place where you can have some fun! Well, if that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve collected 21 amazing examples of finished basements for having fun, fun, fun… And some more fun! On this list, you’ll find finished basements that feature arcades, pool tables, and maybe even some surprises that you haven’t thought of yet.

So, start thinking about turning the dark, dank place underneath your living room into something awesome, and check out these fun finished basements that we’ve found for you! We’re sure that you’ll find plenty of inspiration, and that – just maybe – you’ll strike upon the inspiration for your own basement fun zone!

1. Swanky

21 Finished Basements For Having Fun-1

You’ve got to love the green LED lights used to illuminate the bottles in this finished basement wet bar.

2. Press Your Luck

21 Finished Basements For Having Fun-2

Sure, that poker table in the foreground looks like a lot of fun, but how about the projection television set in the back of the room?

3. Ye Olde Pub

21 Finished Basements For Having Fun-3

The bar table in front is a great touch for this finished basement that’s been given a pub-like atmosphere. Check out the standing menu!