21 Dark Cabinet Kitchen Designs

10. Play

21 Dark Cabinet Kitchen Designs-10

The dark cabinetry of this kitchen allows the natural light from the windows to play nicely with the shiny granite countertops.

11. Study

21 Dark Cabinet Kitchen Designs-11

With tall dark cabinets overhanging cream-colored countertops, this kitchen recalls the elegance of a classic, luxurious study.

12. Glass

21 Dark Cabinet Kitchen Designs-12

Cabinets with glass panes keep this kitchen, which features elegant dark cabinets, from becoming too drab.

13. Backsplash

21 Dark Cabinet Kitchen Designs-13

Slate-grey granite countertops and pitch black cabinets are balanced elegantly by the eye-catching backsplash in this stunning kitchen.

14. Blend

21 Dark Cabinet Kitchen Designs-14

The rustic, dark cabinets in this kitchen are lent a touch of modernism by the tile backsplash and contemporary appliances.

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