21 Dark Cabinet Kitchen Designs

5. Sleek

21 Dark Cabinet Kitchen Designs-5

Against the brushed metal of the kitchen appliances, the dark cabinetry in this kitchen creates a sleek, modern visual effect.

6. Drama

21 Dark Cabinet Kitchen Designs-6

Open space with pitch-black cabinets balanced against white serve to create a dramatic space that would please any culinarian.

7. Austere

21 Dark Cabinet Kitchen Designs-7

The black cabinetry melding with the black appliances, this kitchen creates a modern effect that should please those who prize minimalism.

8. Classic

Elegant Dark Kitchens Granite Countertop Glass Tile Backsplash

Black and white meld perfectly together in this kitchen, creating a class art deco look and feel.

9. Gradients

21 Dark Cabinet Kitchen Designs-9

Moving from dark cherry to white chairs around a black kitchen table, this kitchen establishes a pleasing color gradient.

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