21 Cool Front Door Designs For Houses

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When it comes to designing your home’s exterior, there’s an awful lot to think about. What kind of windows do you want? Shutters or no shutters? What are you going to do about your home’s gutters? What about paint color? It’s overwhelming!

But, coming up with a design for your home’s exterior can be simple if you start at the right place. Think about it. What’s the first part of your home that’s going to make an impression on any visitor? No, it’s not your gutters! It’s your front door.

A beautiful and well-designed front door can make an instant impression on anyone, setting the tone for everything that surrounds it, as well as everything that’s inside of your home. For this very reason, we’ve collected a list of 21 cool front door designs for houses. You’ll see some spins on classic designs, as well as those that are truly unique and individual.

What will become clear, though, as you go through the list is this: When designing your home’s exterior, starting with the front door is almost always the way to go. Once you have a beautiful entrance, you can design everything else around the front door that you’ve selected.

1. Purple

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If you want to make a statement with your home’s front door, consider going with a bold color like purple.

2. Curve

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The subtle curve on this otherwise square front door design adds a wonderful sense of drama.

3. Handles

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Rather than going with a simple handle for your front door, why not go with something like this?

4. Windows

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Here, you can see a double front door that makes use of curved windows to change the visual look.

5. Glass Work

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Another way to create a cool and unique look is to do interesting things with glass.

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