21 Beautiful Flowerbox Design Ideas

16. Add Personality

21 Beautiful Flower Box Design Ideas-16

If you want bolder flowerboxes for your outdoor living spaces, consider adding some personality to them with paints and patterns.

17. Bolder

21 Beautiful Flower Box Design Ideas-17

The bold colors of these simply designed flowerboxes is quite charming and attractive, adding vibrancy to this outdoor living space.

18. Cinderblocks

21 Beautiful Flower Box Design Ideas-18

Another material you can use to built flowerboxes and planter boxes is cinderblocks. Check this example out.

19. Home Cooking

21 Beautiful Flower Box Design Ideas-19

If you and your family do a lot of home cooking, then a flowerbox herb garden like this could be just the thing for you!

20. Creative


Even this adorable pup appreciates the creative design of this set of flowerboxes.

21. Get To It

21 Beautiful Flower Box Design Ideas-21

This is just a taste of the design possibilities! Once you’ve found the right one for you, get to it, and choose some beautiful flowers and plants.