20 Stunning Living Room Layout Ideas

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Large or small, there’s an awful lot to think about when it comes to laying out your living room. For one, you have to think about what the room’s focal point is going to be. Are you trying to draw attention to a particularly attractive fireplace? Do you have a large flat-screen television that you’re trying to show off? Are you simply trying to create a space that’s conducive to entertainment and lively conversation?

To start with, those are the things you’ll need to think about when it comes to laying out your living room. Beyond that, there is a whole lot different things you can do! To show you all the possibilities available, we’ve collected 20 awesome examples of living rooms that utilize amazing layouts. Each example finds a way of maximizing space, providing tremendous functionality and comfort to the homeowners who are fortunate enough to have these living rooms!

So, if you’ve been at a loss for how to layout your own living room, or if you simply think it’s time to switch things up, then check out these awesome layouts that we’ve collected. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration, or else you’ll find a layout that works perfectly for your living room space.

1. Dueling Couches

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To create an environment that’s more conducive to conversation in your living room, have two couches or sofas that face one another.

2. Two Chairs

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If you don’t want to have two couches, then you can achieve the same effect by opposing your chairs and your couch like you see here.

3. Bench

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If you need some bonus seating in your living room, consider a bench as it helps to preserve the sense of open space.

4. Luxury

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When you’re going for a luxurious style, you’ll want to try to keep things as symmetrical as possible.