20 Stunning Front Door Designs

15. Rustic

20 Stunning Front Door Designs-15

For a rustic look for your front door, you may consider using multiple, contrasting colors as this front door does.

16. Safety

20 Stunning Front Door Designs-16

The safety orange color of this front door works beautifully against the grey color of the home itself.

17. Stained Glass

20 Stunning Front Door Designs-17

Another way to create a rustic look for your home’s front door might be to make use of stained glass, which is always appealing.

18. Contemporary

20 Stunning Front Door Designs-18

A large, imposing and minimalistic front door always works well with a home featuring contemporary, modern architecture.

19. Bar

20 Stunning Front Door Designs-19

Instead of a traditional knob, you can choose a large metal bar for your front door, like the one you see above.

20. Red

Red home door (Irland).

But, of course, if you want the classic look for your front door, then there’s really only one color choice: red.

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