20 Stunning Exteriors with Stone Accents

20 Stunning Exteriors with Stone Accents-title

When it comes to having a home that you take pride in, or even one that you’re hoping to resell at a later date, there are few things quite as important as curb appeal. From the road, you want your home to exude the utmost luxury, at least to the extent that it can with respect to your budget.

There are obviously a number of ways you can increase the luxury level of your home’s exterior. However, one of the easiest ways to do this is to include stone as a part of that home’s exterior. There’s something about the look of stone, as well as stone’s solidness, that always leaves people with an instant impression of luxury and refinement.

When using stone for your home’s exterior, though, you don’t need to go all-in. Instead, you can use subtle stone accents to complement different elements of your home’s exterior design.

In the following examples, we’re going to take a look at 20 homes that use stone accents as part of their home’s exterior. We think you’ll see what’s possible, and maybe you’ll be able to derive inspiration for including stone accents as part of your own home’s exterior.

1. Stone Walkway Walls to Columns

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There’s so much you can do with stone for your home’s exterior. Check out how this home melds its stone walls into the columns before the front door.

2. Stone First Floor

20 Stunning Exteriors with Stone Accents-2

In home’s that use stone accents, you’ll often see the façade of the first floor entirely covered in stone. Here that’s perfectly complemented by the wood columns of the front porch.

3. Large Stone Columns

20 Stunning Exteriors with Stone Accents-3

If you want to create an imposing exterior for your home, you can use two-story tall stone columns like this home does.

4. With the Chimney

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When you combine stone accents on your home’s exterior with a stone chimney, you always get a refined look.